Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the Official Promotional Blog

Welcome to the official promotional blog for the Eternal Death book series by Rose LeMort and Kai Rikard, based on the original 2007 novel by Lily Strange. The book is currently in production and is due to be released in February. The picture above is the cover. We like it!
I'm feeling kind of all out of creativity, so I will cut and paste the intro from the book. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
The concept for the Eternal Death Series was originally created by Lily Strange and a special spectral friend. The unfortunate mistake that Lily made was in revealing the identity of this friend, who had cult fame status prior to his untimely death from suicide.
To some, Lily’s belief seemed too far-fetched, but that wasn’t the real problem. The biggest problems came from people wanting for Lily to get them “in” with her special friend, and other people attacking her for her friendship with him, or detractors of his attacking her. As well, working with real people rather than fictional ones, even fictional characters based on real people, began to constrain the flow of the story. It came to the point where working on the book series was like trying to continue to shore on the Titanic, and Lily was forced to abandon the project.
I did a reading for Lily and saw that continuing to pursue the project would lead to nothing but disaster and sorrow. However, the basic idea was quite intriguing and too much hard work had gone into the project to just throw everything away. I asked Lily if she would allow me to revise the story with her as a consultant. She found this plan favorable, and I was very grateful for the opportunity.
Lily’s only real problem with her original project was too much idealism. She wanted very much to help her spectral friend convey his message to the world, and he was very happy to have someone care enough about him as opposed to his image to want to do something of this nature on his behalf. But in their enthusiasm, neither of them thought about the potential consequences of such a choice. He came to discover that the image that had been created during his life was far too powerful to be erased, and too few people were willing to open their minds enough to hear what he had to say. He also allowed reason to be colored by idealism. Earthbound spirits can never be free until they achieve certain goals, and this is why he will also be retained as a consultant.
Lily and I are similar, and this is why she chose me to be the one to revise her story, for which I feel greatly honored. Like her, I have always enjoyed creative pursuits, I do psychic readings, and I too have always been sensitive to the presence of spirits. For many years I have enjoyed the company of a spirit named Kai Rikard.
To learn more about Kai, visit his blog.
Best wishes,
Rose, Kai, and Lily 

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