Monday, July 4, 2011

Delays and Diatribe

I removed yesterday's post because it was too overly emotional. I had received quite a shock and spilled my guts on ye olde blog. But this is a professional blog related to the publication and promotion of my forthcoming book, and there is no place for personal excesses here. 
In brief, I have experienced numerous delays in actually bringing the book to publication due to my perfectionism and lack of funds. I am hoping that this current edit will be the final edit and that I will actually be able to send the book to press.
For those who want to experience the most intimate details (don't worry, I have no sex life so you don't have to read about anything of that nature) email me and ask to join my Inner Sanctum. Please be aware that I do not trust easily and will have to feel that I can trust you before I approve you. Do not take it personally if I do not feel that I have achieved that level of trust with you. I haven't with most people. 
To get an idea of what yesterday's post was about (in case you missed the drama) you can go to Kai's blog.
Thank you all for your support.
(and Kai)

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